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Welcome to AquaFresh smoked seafood

Aquafresh Products Ltd is a seafood processing business based in Nelson, New Zealand

We specialise in supplying naturally smoked seafood and fresh fish on a wholesale basis to supermarkets and food service customers, and now online direct to the retail customer

All our seafood products are smoked in the traditional manner at our Vanguard Street smokehouse.  The fish is first brined before being smoked naturally using native woodchips (beech and manuka) for the appropriate time in our temperature controlled smokehouses.

We are an AgriQuality Approved Supplier and have Nelson City Council Food Hygiene Registration.

Products to supermarkets in New Zealand: 

The core Aquafresh product range comprises smoked seafood for the hang-sell and the serve-over/deli section. Our products come ready to eat.

We also supply fresh fish and Tasman Bay Paddle Crabs. 

Our ability to deliver both fresh and smoked seafood makes it easier for supermarkets with smaller seafood departments to meet our minimum order quantity of 10kg or 30 trays of product.


Retail Customers:

We welcome you to browse and shop online for the tastiest smoked seafood products on the market. Start by browsing the menu on the left.